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New This Week

May 4, 2022

Join Us for Our Annual Mother's Day Sale!

Great deals on hanging baskets, ferns, herbs, and more this Wednesday, May 4th-Sunday, May 8th!

Today through Sunday, May 8th, you'll find great deals on annual hanging baskets, herbs, ferns, and more! Please bear in mind that our small but dedicated staff are working their hardest to keep the tables stocked, answer your questions, and care for our plants all at once! Your patience and understanding is so appreciated during the busiest week of our season!

Save on Annual Hanging Baskets

This week you will find almost all of our 10in flowering hanging baskets on sale for $12 including:

  • Petunias

  • Million Bells

  • Fan Flower

  • Portulaca

  • Swedish Ivy

  • Vining Black-eyed Susan

  • Geraniums

  • Dragonwing and Big Leaf Begonias

  • Trailing Vinca

  • Fuschia

  • Impatiens & Sunpatiens

  • Plus 12in. Calibrachoa combos are $14

(Savings do not apply to 11in Tuberous Begonia baskets.)

Hanging Ferns are 4 for $70

Mix and match from our selection of Boston, Tiger, Petticoat, Macho, and Kim Queen Ferns in 10in hanging baskets and save $10 when you buy any four! Learn more about our our ferns

Big Savings on Herbs

•25% off all 4-inch herbs (now $3)

•Save $1 on 6-inch herbs (now $5)

•6-inch Eucalyptus & Mosquito Plant now $7

•8-inch herbs are $10

Wandering Jewels, aka Tradescantia, now $14!

Save $2 on over 10 varieties of this popular hanging basket.


  • 4-pack Violas and Pansies are $2

  • 3.5in. annuals $1.25/$20 per flat

  • 3.5in Violas and Pansies $.25

  • 3.5in Lettuce, Spinach, and Snapdragons $.50

  • 4in. Strawberries $35/flat

  • 4in. Sedum $3/$25 per flat

  • 6in. Petunias $3

  • 6in Sedum $5

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