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April 17, 2023

Introducing Our New Outdoor Checkout

Moises, Israel, and Diego - We couldn't have done this without you, thank you so much!

If you've visited Painters so far this year, you've surely noticed the construction underway near our old outdoor checkout. Moises, Israel, and Diego have been working tirelessly for months to build us a beautiful, new, fully enclosed checkout area, all while caring for the majority of our plants! THANK YOU SO MUCH, GUYS! Read more below to learn all the benefits of our new checkout building!

This new checkout building will help with traffic flow, will house a dry & drip-free area for an expanded selection of retail items, and in conjunction with our new point-of-sale system, will provide an improved customer experience. On busy days we will have staff members with tablets totalling carts before you reach the register to reduce wait times and keep things moving. Let us know what you think of our new checkout building on your next visit, and enjoy some photos below that show the process start to finish!

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