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February 27, 2023

Introducing John Murphy

We are excited to welcome John Murphy to our team this year. 

John earned his masters in horticulture and spent many years working in farming as well as traveling with his family to Indonesian New Guinea, where they did community development for four years. He then joined Bullington Gardens, and for 23 years John led programs and development for Bullington - fostering hands-on education in horticulture and other sciences with students, youth clubs and adults.  We've been supporters of Bullington for many years and have appreciated the beautiful public gardens, the excellent classes offered, and especially what folks like John do to bring horticultural education and therapy to the area. 

John is now retired from Bullington, and has been enjoying time off pursuing his passion for vegetable gardening, reducing lawn space for pollinator friendly plants, travelling widely, and spending more time with his family - he is even growing flowers for his son's wedding in the fall! However, he isn't quite ready to let go of horticultural work and education, so fortunately for us, he is willing to join Painters to share his knowledge and love of gardening - especially shrubs and trees!  He will be working Wednesdays and Thursdays, mainly in our new shrub and tree area.  John has also volunteered to teach some gardening classes here this season.  We look forward to having his expertise and experience as we work to continually improve our program and provide knowledge and guidance to our customers.  

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