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June 20, 2023

How to Prepare Your Gardens for this Week's Heavy Rains

Tips on how to prepare your garden for heavy rains, and what to do after, including how to maximize drainage, what to cover, and how to support tall plants, to keep your garden thriving all summer long!

How to prep your garden for the heavy rains expected this week, and what to do after:


🌧 Drainage - clear/dig ditches deeper to ensure water is being funneled away from low areas and to avoid wash-out of gardens or driveways + move or cover any containers that don't have good drainage and can flood.

🌧 Support tall plants, as heavy rains and wind can cause breakage or flopping that may be hard for them to recover from.

🌧 Cover delicate & rot-prone plants with plastic sheeting/pots to prevent damage/excess saturation, but be sure to uncover on occasion to allow for air flow to prevent mildew.

🌧 Plant those plants you haven't gotten to yet - the best time for them to get established is with days of rain ahead!


🌦 Uncover all covered containers/plants immediately to allow for air flow & sun to hit them.

🌦 Check containers and beds for washed out soil and exposed roots, re-cover any exposed areas with compost/soil before they get burnt and damage the plant.

🌦 Cut back any broken stems/plants & deadhead spent blooms, retie/support plants that have fallen over.

🌦 Revamp soils, as nutrients may be leached - top with compost or mix in organic plant food.

🌦 Watch for slugs, snails and mildews (and treat organically if found).

🌦 Take advantage of wet soils and catch up on weeding - they won't break off at the root & will pop right out!

🌦 Check drainage ditches again and clear built up sediment/detritus.  

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