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April 17, 2023

Herb Fest: Special Savings, Unique Selection, Live Music, Tasty Treats and more!

Plus 15% off select native trees & shrubs - plant one in honor of Earth Day!

We are thrilled to bring back Herb Fest and love that it falls on Earth Day this year! Join us this Saturday, April 22nd, for a celebration of herbs, community, the environment, local artists, and more! You'll find specials on select herbs as well as select native trees & shrubs in honor of Earth Day, specialty herb combo pots, new and unique herbs just for Herb Fest, live music by Ginny McAfee, baked goods from Houston House, and a craft market from 9-4!

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Select herbs are marked down to $3 this Saturday only during Herb fest including:

4" Basil 'Pesto Perpetuo'

4" Calendula

4" Nasturtium

4" Cilantro



All sizes of mint (all varieties)

In honor of Earth Day, we're taking 15% off four of our favorite beneficial native trees and shrubs (this Saturday only, while supplies last)! What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by planting a native shrub or tree?

Sweet Gum, Liquidambar rotundiloba

2 Gallon pots - on Saturday, $17

This native shade tree is a wildlife haven! It also displays a mix of red, orange, yellow, and purple foliage - all at once! Sweet Gum is tolerant of many soils and growing conditions from acidic to clay, dry, loamy, moist, sandy, well drained and wet - it can handle it all!

Possumhaw Viburnum, Viburnum nudum

2 & 3 Gallon pots - on Saturday, $18.70

8" pots - on Saturday, $13.60

This is a highly adaptable shrub that tolerates a large range of light conditions and soil conditions, making this shrub hard to beat! Clusters of aromatic white flowers attract pollinators (butterflies, bees, etc) in early summer. It's also a host plant for the Spring Azure Butterfly and Hummingbird Clearwing Moth. When summer gives way to fall, the flowers turn to setting fruit and are often found in an array of pinks, blues, and purples in the same clusters! The ripe, dark purple fruit are eaten by songbirds, grouse, wild turkeys and squirrel... and it's also safe for humans to consume! The fruits are acidic, but indeed edible, and this explains the other common name -"Wild Raisin". Viburnums benefit from being planted in groups to promote cross-pollination, which will enhance the fruit set. As an added bonus, the foliage turns a stunning dark red in the fall! This is a great planting option if you're looking for a native plant that benefits wildlife and can tolerate wet soil and areas prone to flood, while also being tolerant to heat, drought, insects, and disease! We can't think of a more carefree shrub!

Brandywine Maple, Acer rubrum

3 Gallon pots - on Saturday, $25.50

'Brandywine' is a cross between 'October Glory' and 'Autumn Flame', resulting in a more intense and consistent scarlet fall foliage than any other variety! This variety is also smaller than most maples and makes a great choice for those needing a shade tree on the small side. The current selection of 'Brandywine' at Painters Greenhouse is already over 6 feet tall - this is a great deal! 'Brandywine' does not form samaras and is considered a seedless variety - you won't need to worry about seedlings emerging in your landscape.

Red Oak, Quercus rubra

3 Gallon pots - on Saturday, $21.25 Northern Red Oaks have been called "one of the handsomest, cleanest, and stateliest trees in North America" by naturalist Joseph S. Illick. This native, fast growing tree puts on an average of 24"of growth each year and can reach a height of 20' in just 10 years. Acorns first appear when the tree is approximately 25 years old, but aren't produced in abundance until it reaches 40-50 years. This oak requires full sun and plenty of room to grow - it reaches 60-75' in height with a spread of 45' at maturity. N. Red Oaks tolerate air pollution, as well as compacted, dry, and acidic soil. The leaves are bristled at the ends of the lobes and turn a burgundy color in the fall. Its mature bark is heavily striped with ridges. This tree will serve your home and wildlife for generations!

We had a lot of fun coming up with the herb mixes planted in our specialty combo planters for Herb Fest! Herbs grow great in pots - they get improved drainage, they're easy to move around and keep near a kitchen door for easy access and care! One trick is planting herbs with similar care requirements together, like in our Mediterranean herb planter pictured below!

Mediterranean Herb Combo

Featuring rosemary, lavender, sage & thyme in a terra cotta pot

Transplant yourself to the Mediterranean with the taste and scent of these plants! All of these plants like to dry out a little between waterings and the terra cotta pot will help wick any excess moisture away.

for $44

Two Different Combos for Tea Lovers

Tea Lovers Combo 1 (Left):

Featuring chamomile, spearmint, Lemon Balm, tulsi, & stevia

for $26.00

Tea Lovers Combo 2 (Right):

Featuring Pineapple Sage, Peach-scented Geranium, Anise Hyssop, & peppermint

for $24.00

Basil Lovers Combo

Featuring four types of basil: Pesto Perpetuo, Red Rubin, Thai, & Cinnamon

for $26.00

Wellness Combo

Featuring calendula, Lemon Balm, thyme, & peppermint

for $22.00

Scent-sational Combo

Featuring Pineapple Sage, Scented Geranium, Pineapple Mint, & Lemon Thyme 

for $28.00

Scented Geraniums Combo

Featuring Strawberry, Peach, Rose of Attar, & Fragrans

for $24.00

Everleaf Genovese Basil

One of the most beautiful & prolific basils we've grown!

Pesto Perpetuo Basil

Produces small, tasty & colorflu leaves without bolting until frost!

Pacific Beauties Mix Calendula

Big blooms in a range of colors on this useful and beautiful herb!


A tasty addition to Mexican dishes that also aids with digestion!

Salad Burnet

A tasty, refreshing flavor for salads, sandwiches, drinks & more!

Plus many more fun and unique herb varieties available as of Wednesday this week!

Ginny McAfee will be performing at Painters at 1:30pm, and Houston House will be here at 9am-sell out with some of your favorite baked goods including breads, pies, cookies, and more!

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