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December 1, 2022

Foraging for Natural Holiday Decor & Greenery

Our team had a fun day in nature collecting local berries, greenery, and more!

On Tuesday our team headed into the woods to reconnect with nature and gather local berries, greenery, and branches for our holiday baskets and planters! Everyone enjoyed the beautiful day and fresh air and found lots of goodies on their hunt! We collected American Holly, White Pine, Rhododendron, Doghobble, and varied pine cones, which we combined with cuttings from our Painters gardens of Winterberry, Red Twig Dogwood, Southern Magnolia and more for holiday hanging baskets and planters. (These are cut items but planted in watered soil so they last for long periods both indoors and out - our baskets last year lasted from December through late February!)

Our friends at Carolina Natives Nursery put together a list of nine native plants great to decorate with naturally this holiday season. Click below to see more fun photos and learn about our process.

Team members assessing a giant American Holly Tree... where to begin?!

Dana's kitty PK "helped" by giving approving chin rubs to the Southern Magnolia branches.

Lots of White Pine - we love the soft texture in arrangements!

We also cut from several planted arborvitae onour property.

Yanet adding a few purchased berries to the indoor planters (a bit more color!)

We loved seeing team members give personal touches to their creations - each is slightly different!

We have two main designs on the baskets - one featuring more White Pine, and the other featuring more Arborvitae.

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