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New This Week

October 20, 2022

Exciting Improvements Underway

Our team is already hard at work!

Our amazing Head of Facilities Moises was accompanied by Israel and Diego (two of our awesome growers) as they began installing an additional irrigation system at Painters this week.  Lots of digging and plumbing and moving of heavy things, but now all that's left is for them to connect the new holding tank and pump (still a lot of digging and plumbing!).  Why is this exciting?  We will be saving A LOT of time and frustration with another tank and pump - all of our growers will be able to water when the plants need it rather than balancing watering needs with others due to limited pressure!  What does this mean for you?  Improved plant health!  (And happier growers!)  We are so grateful to have such talented, experienced, and efficient team members - send some applause in their direction! 

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