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New This Week

May 23, 2023

Customer Favorites Now in Stock

Indian Pinks, Tuberous Begonia Baskets, Pink Muhly Grass, Flame Azaleas, Butterfly Bush, and more!

We've had a busy season so far and plants have been flying out the door, so we're grateful that we could fill up the retail floor this week with some exciting new plants, trees, and shrubs, as well as restock plants you have been asking for! Many of these items are limited and will go fast, including:

'Little Joe' Joe Pye Weed (back in stock!)

1 gallon, $9.50

Indian Pink Spigelia

9", $18

Tuberous Begonias (a select number!)

11" baskets, $16

Black-Eyed Susan Vine (back in stock!)

1 gallon, $12

Veronica 'First Love'

1 gallon, $9.50

Calla Lilies (back in stock!)

1 gallon, $14

Large Delphiniums

1 gallon, $9.50

Small Caladium Pots

4", $6.50


A very hard to find and desirable shrub with fragrant, beautiful winter blooms.

10 gallon, $150


Including Miss Kim (3 gallon, $30) and Proven Winner's Dwarf Pink and Dark Purple Bloomerang, which rebloom (3 gallon, $34)

Flame Azaleas (back in stock!)

3 gallon, $40

Butterfly Bush (back in stock!)

We've got multiple varieites including Lo and Behold Pink Micro Chip (pictured), Lo and Behold Ruby Chip, Miss Pearl (pictured), and Pugster Amethyst in 3 gallon pots for $34 as well as Black Knight (pictured) in 8" pots for $20

Little Quick Fire Hydrangea

This dwarf hydrangea is about to bloom! 3 gallon, $36

Mountain Fire and Cavatine Pieris (back in stock!)

3 gallon, $34

Pink Muhly Grass (back in stock!)

1 gallon, $16

Blue Rug Juniper

1 gallon, $9

Rhododendrons (back in stock!)

English Roseum (3 gallon, $36)

Nova Zembla (3 gallon, $34)

Roseum Elegans (3 gallon, $36)

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