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April 3, 2023

Celebrate Easter Weekend with Bouquets, Baked Goods, & Bromeliads at Painters

Painters Greenhouse is open on Easter Sunday!

We want to help you prepare for your Easter celebrations this year!

Come to Painters on Friday for beautiful Easter bouquets from Mackey Meadows featuring a beautiful assortment of tulips, dogwood flowers, greens and more! All grown and assembled locally by Vanessa Owen.

Swing by the greenhouse on Saturday morning and stock up on a bevy of delicious baked goodies for your Easter table! The only trouble is you'll have to pick between their delicate coconut cake, bread braided with nutella, or a moist carrot cake! Can't decide? There will also be a selection of dinner rolls, loaves, foccaccia, and more! You can also preorder.

Silver Vace Bromeliad Aechmea fasciata, $30

And celebrate Easter with Painters Greenhouse! We will be open 9-4 on Easter Sunday

with the largest selection of plants so far this year! Grab one of these lovely Silver Vase Bromeliads for the perfect pink Easter centerpiece or host gift. They're in full bloom just in time for the holiday, and we love how incredibly easy-care they are... no need for super bright light or weekly watering!

We also just recieved a beautiful assortment of 6" Dipladenia and trellised 6" and 10" Dipladenia 'Sundenia' - ranging from $18 to $38.


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