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May 15, 2023

Aquatic Plant Restock

Aquatic plants are a fun, unique way to add a little beauty and a lot of wildlife benefits to your yard! 

Interested in a water or rain garden? Aquatic plants are a fun, unique way to add a little beauty and a lot of wildlife benefits to your yard!  Not ready to go all in?  Dip your toe in the water and try making a container water garden for the season - often all you need is a small container or pond and a few aquatic plants to attract frogs and other aquatic life!  

Note: we initially advertised many of these plants in 2" pots, but have since decided to pot them up into larger containers as they are growing quickly and need more space!

Floating Water Lettuce & Water Hyacinths

These are great surface plants - they are attractive (the hyacinths get gorgeous blooms!), but more importantly they help shade the water (creating habitat for frogs, fish & salamanders), and their large root systems filter the water to help keep it cleaner and reduce algae.  Annual (and prefers temps above 60 deg).


Water Celery

Best grown in nooks or on shallow shelves around the edges of ponds or in water features, they also are a pretty addition to rain gardens or planters.  The variegated foliage offers a great texture and fun colors, and is actually edible raw or cooked, with a fresh carrot/celery flavor.  8-24” tall.  Perennial. 

3" pot, $5

Red Cardinal Flower

A beloved native, this gorgeous flower can be found along creeks and ponds throughout WNC.  Plant at edges of aquatic features or in moist areas of your yard.  The blooms are a favorite of hummingbirds, butterflies and moths, and they often reseed.  2-5’ tall.  Perennial.

1Gal pot, $9.50

Corkscrew Rush

A funky and unique addition to your planters, water features or moist garden areas, this sedge sports fun spiral leaves.  It can be grown around edges or on shallow shelves in water, or in soil-filled planters if kept on the moist side.  12-18” tall.  Perennial.  

6", 1G, or 8", $6.50-$9.50

Common Arrowhead

An attractive taller foliage option for edges of ponds, in aquatic containers, or in rain gardens, this native plant has lovely spade-shaped leaves and dainty white blooms.  1-3’ tall.  Perennial.

1Gal pot, $9.50

Dwarf Papyrus

A fun foliage option with dramatic inflorescences that add a lot of texture to container gardens, aquatic bowls, or edges of ponds.  18-24” tall.  Annual. 

1Gal pot, $9.50

We also have native Blue Flag Iris, native Obedient Plant, Pickerel Rush, Variegated Sweet Flag, and many more moisture lovers available!


Take a look!

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