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Production Team


Dana Owen

Co-owner, Co-Production Manager, Marketing & Digital Media Manager

"In my eleven years of running this business, the most meaningful thing I've observed (and a significant part of why I love what I do) is the power of plants to foster joy, emotional and physical well-being, and to unify folks from all walks of life."

Deenie Owen


"If I were a plant, I think I'd like to be a Hellebore (Lenten Rose) , especially in January. At that time of year when our deciduous trees are leafless and there's very little sign of life in most gardener's landscapes, my blooms and green leaves continue to bring joy and color most months of the year to those who have had the foresight to plant me. It seems that each year I am available in many new varieties, bringing a wide range of hues to enhance your gardens. Another big plus is that I can thrive in conditions ranging from mostly full shade, part sun or full sun. If you haven't tried me yet, you might want to consider adding me to your garden this spring!"

Brad Owen


"My favorite plants are diatoms- the microscopic plants that live in all of the oceans and freshwaters of Earth and sustain our planet by generating oxygen, while serving as the base of the food webs of all wet environments. These plants are unique in being encased in highly decorated glass shells that defy the imagination with their variety of designs - yet because of their size, few of us have ever seen one.

On the other hand, my favorite terrestrial plant would have to be the American chestnut, which until recently dominated our Blue Ridge mountains and the surrounding landscapes! A large tree that provided abundant food and habitat for both wildlife and humans, the American chestnut had an outsized influence on our history and the ecosystems covering vast parts of our eastern states. Recent research shows promise that the future introductions of disease resistant trees will be successful. We are hopeful that in the not too distant future Painters may be able to offer disease resistant American chestnuts to our customers!"

Sara Surabian

Finance and Co-Production Manager

"I was home in Raleigh during the summer of my freshman year at UNC-A. I would often seek refuge from my parents' suburban neighborhood by hiking around the beaver-made wetland down the street. As I was turning a corner on the trail I could hear and smell something intense. I came across a large Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) along the bank - I was captivated! The blooms were like nothing I'd seen before, the fragrance was captivating and it swarmed with bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. I sat down and admired the shrub and its visitors for quite some time - it's one of my favorite memories of being stunned by the intense beauty of nature."

Moises Alavos

Operations Manager

Favorite plants: Petunias and Calibracoa

Betsy Bailey

Administrative & Retail Floor Manager

Caroline Wilson

Marketing & Digital Media Manager

"Did you know that there is a bacteria in soil that triggers the release of serotonin in our brains when we come into contact with it? Gardening can literally make you happier!"

Nora Lincoln

Labeling Coordinator & Assistant Grower

Amy Owens


"A lot of "humidity" issues in houseplants are caused by under watering, so if you water when your plant needs it rather than when you notice it drooping it could save some leaves from crispiness."

Kim Lanzarotta

Grower & Retail Floor Assistant

Israel Juarez


Favorite plants: shrubs, trees, and perennials

Diego Baez


Maria Hernandez

Production Team Member

Kerry Bartlett

Production Team Member

Favorite plant: String of Pearls (especially variegated String of Pearls!)

Azia Allen

Production Team Member

Ana Custodia

Production Team Member

Yanet Dealmonte

Production Team Member

Toni Stevens

Sanitation Manager, Retail Floor Assistant

"I love Bluets native to the Mountain’s of Western North Carolina. There is a small window of opportunity in the spring to see these beautiful wildflowers"

John Baehr

Man of Many Hats (ie assistant grower, Maintenance, & Retail Floor)

Beth Hile

Propagation Queen

Vanessa Owen

Retail Floor Assistant

Flower cutting tip: Keep your cut flowers away from your fruit bowl & change the water daily for longer lasting blooms. Try to cut from your garden in the cooler part of the day!

Gavin Stewart

Retail Floor Assistant

Favorite plant: Weeping Cherry Tree! It’s so whimsical, like someone dreamed it into existence.  Also, anything edible 😊

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