Staff Fern Favorites

At Painters We Love Our Ferns and Put a Lot of Love into Them

Fern Week continues with some of our staff's favorite ferns!

🌿Austin can't help but admire these Tree Ferns and the unique way they grow up around a trunk. They are certainly a unique fern and have a very cool Jurassic vibe.

🌿Amy loves the unique look of Bird's Nest Ferns as a houseplant (hint: these guys love humidity so consider a humidifier or pebble tray if you want yours to thrive).

🌿The Japanese Painted Fern was a top contender for many people including Dana, Jessy, and Amy. The blue-green fronds are almost luminescent and absolutely eye-catching! This perennial is a great addition to any shade garden.

🌿Sara's first choice was the Ostrich Fern for its large fronds and how well it fills up a space.  

🌿Deenie had a hard time choosing between the Mairi's and Northern varieties of Maidenhair Ferns. These delicate ferns are considered tender perennials in our zone (7B), so be mindful of your location and where you plant them.

🌿Autumn Ferns were another crowd favorite and Jessy's top choice. These stunning ferns have large fronds, are a great fall plant, and their new foliage has a beautiful rust-colored tint to it that already has us dreaming of scarves, changing leaves, and crisp air.

🌿Caroline bought her first Boston Ferns this summer and quickly fell head over heels for them.  She especially loves their massive size and classic look.