Meet Amy and Her Stunning Photos

Amy is one of our Irrigation and Growing Assistants and has captures some amazing photos at the greenhouse this summer!

Have you met Amy? You may recognize her from the checkout counter/retail floor this summer. She joined us early last spring, was with us for opening day, and quickly learned the ropes. Amy has been an amazing addition to our team and that is why when an opening for an Irrigation and Growing Assistant on our year-round team became available we were thrilled to offer it to her. Amy is diligent, dedicated, hardworking, and, of course, a plant lover. Did we mention that she was taking her final high school exams between full time shifts at the greenhouse this spring while working six days a week?

We were impressed with her work-ethic, maturity, and attention to detail from the get-go and the more we get to know her the more that grows! We're also very excited because she has an eye for pests and will be an integral part of identifying and treating pest issues as they arise - helping us to provide you healthy, pest-free plants. Not to mention that though she's our youngest staff member she also manages to be the most mature! We are grateful Amy is a part of the Painters family and are thrilled to introduce you to her.

Amy is also an amazing photographer and captured some stunning photos while working at the greenhouse this summer. We were blown away by their composition, color, and beauty and are very excited to share them with you!

Amy grew up with vegetable gardens and may have inherited some of her love for plants from her father who is a landscaper. She's loved adding pollinator plants like butterfly bushes and coneflower around her property this year and is fascinated watching the bees and butterflies they attract.

Amy's a quick learner and one of her favorite parts of the job is learning how to care for the wide variety of plants we sell at Painters. Like most of the staff Amy is passionate about plants. She is a cacti and succulent lover and when she's not at Painters you can find her tending to some of her favorites plants at home which include a Ficus Elastica Tineke (Variegate Rubber Tree), various forms of cacti, and a Hoya Carnosa Compacta (Hindu Rope) which she has gotten to grow over 1 1/2" in the past couple of months (those of you familiar with this plant know what a feat that is. She also enjoys cooking and drawing.

What's something Amy wishes more people knew about plant care? You can and should let your succulents dry out all the way between waterings. As long at they don't start to shrivel they should be fine.