Bird Rescues Galore!

The customers may be gone but we have had plenty of visitors this week!

We had two bird rescues at Painters this week! Six staff came together on Monday to rescue a juvenile hummingbird! 

Brett found this hummingbird in complete torpor in the soil room. Staff quickly jumped into action: Azia ran home to get sugar and asked her mom to bring over a hummingbird feeder; Grace built an enclosure and made the sugar water mixture; Brett got up on an extension ladder with a children's net to try to catch it; Austin helped catch it a second time when it flew back up to the roof and resumed banging against it; and Dana helped feed it and knew exactly what to do - a true team effort! When we eventually took her outside and opened her box by the salvia and hummingbird feeder she took off and flew waaaay high up in the sky - putting a smile on everyone's face! 

On Tuesday morning we discovered a baby bird that had fallen out of the nest onto our soil pile. Luckily it had a soft place to land and wasn’t injured. Again, everyone jumped into action - Brett grabbed a ladder, and Dana returned it to its home (we even added an empty hanging basket under the nest to catch him if there is a next time)!