Beautiful Blooming Hoyas

Want to know the secret to Hoya blooms?

We have an ever-growing collection of Hoyas and were thrilled to discover some of our Hoya Pubicalyx are blooming. We're crossing our fingers that some will be in bloom when our fall season starts on September 30th - everyone should get a chance to see these stunning blooms in person!

Getting a Hoya to bloom at home can be a challenge but we've got a few tips that may help:

  • Make sure the plant is getting sufficient light - bright indirect light and lots of it! Insufficient light is most likely the reason your Hoya hasn't bloomed.

  • Keep the humidity high - ideally at 60%.

  • Our secret: orchid fertilizer spray. We've been experimenting with this for a month or so and don't think its a coincidence that our Hoyas are thriving and blooming!

  • If your Hoya does bloom, let the spent blooms remain on the plant as it will rebloom from the same spot in the future.

  • A little stress in the form of being rootbound can help.

Keep in mind that some plants bloom in their first year and others take three or more years to bloom. Some bloom seasonally while others can bloom year round.