A Spectacularly Smelly Bloom

A Rare Corpse Flower Bloomed at the University of Tennessee

The Co-Manager of our Houseplant Program, Austin, drove to the University of Tennessee on Thursday to view a rare bloom on a Corpse Flower nicknamed Rotty Top. This is the first time this flower has bloomed in over 20 years and the blooms are known to smell like death.

Titan Arum, aka Corpse Flowers, are cousins to the Voodoo Lilies which we typically sell at Painters (Covid craziness got in the way of that these past two seasons but we will have them next year!). We have voodoo lilies that blossom by checkout every year and while the blooms are lovely we can only hold out a day or two before cutting them down because we don't want to scare all the customers away with the smell!

Unfortunately, the bloom on 'Rotty Top' only lasts for 24-36 hours so it's too late to see it, but you can check out the plant's instagram, watch videos of it blooming, and read more about it!