You can view last year's availability list below for a good approximation of what we will have for our 2020 season.  Our updated availability list will be posted in March 2020!  


Spring 2019 Availability List by Scientifc Name    •   Spring 2019 Availability List by Common Name

You can view PDFs of our 2019 Availability by clicking above - our 2020 season will offer very similar availability.

Shrub & Tree Planting Guide

Click above for a handy guide of the majority of our woody items offered each spring.  We hope it can help you with planning, planting and maintaining your shrubs and trees.  We hope to update this guide for spring of 2020 soon.

Pottery, Decor & Garden Art 

We offer a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs and colors of pottery and decorative planters for indoor and outdoor use.  We also carry a range of garden art with a focus on fairy garden options, and offer several locally made products such as our concrete sculptures.

Growing Media

We typically offer bagged gardening mediums (no bulk) such as Jolly Gardener Pro-line Potting Mix, Miracle Grow Tree & Shrub Mix, Black Kow composted manure, Mushroom Compost, Holly Tone, and undyed Hardwood Mulch.  

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